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Partner with us to amplify your brand alongside a commitment to honesty, credibility, and responsibility.
We’re not just a news media company; we’re the guardians of trust in an ever-evolving media landscape.
We understand today’s battle is good vs. evil.

  1. Premium and Wide banners can be 728×90 px or 930×110 px
  2. Large Ad Banners can be 970×250 px or 1200×300 px
  3. Ad Performance is Not Guaranteed
  4. We reserve the right to reject any campaign
  5. GMO products will be denied
  6. Our websites are experiencing explosive growth, we estimate 4000+ unique visitors per month and 150 000 pages views

Why Advertise with Us?

Your brand will benefit from the credibility associated with Pureblood Media, enhancing your reputation among discerning consumers.

Audience Trust:
Our audience trust us to deliver the truth. When your message appears alongside our content, that trust extends to your brand.

Your advertising slots on our multiple webpages will reach a diverse, loyal and engaged audience, looking to spend their dollars on pro-freedom products.

Ethical Partnership:
By choosing us, you’re joining hands with a media company committed to ethical journalism, promoting the truth, fighting culture-killing wokeism, while promoting a more informed future.